Minutes from the 3/15/18 Team Captains Meeting

Trap Team Captains meeting was held on Thursday night March 15.  A good turnout with 34 Team Captains in attendance. Trap League will start April 19th and run 18 weeks at the cost will be $11.00 per individual. Looks like we will have near 40 Teams again this year.

Team Captains Notes and Concerns:

In an effort to have a better flow of Teams shooting.

1. Do not sign up your team to shoot until all your members are present and ready to shoot.
2. At the time you sign up, the trap house number that you team will shoot at , will be assigned to you and your signup sheet will be time stamped. Please stay in order and shoot at the correct house.
3. When your team is shooting, avoid too much wasted time, in between your sets of 25 targets. Please be respectful of this time as other teams are waiting to shoot.

Remembering the Rules:

If you are going to miss a week of shooting and notify the office a week in advance you may make up that shoot the following week.  A one yard penalty will be given.

When shooting two weeks on the same day, please follow the process. Shoot your first round of 50 targets. Take your score sheet to the office for calculation. Then sign up for your second round of 50 targets and get trap house assignment. Do not attempt to shoot 100 in a row.

No new shooters can be added to a team during the last 3 weeks of competition. You can fill the squad with shooters but only the shooters with recorded team scores prior to last 3 weeks will count.

Please contact Gerry Franklin as to how you want your 2017 Team’s money purse utilized.

Your options are:

  1. Take all the money
  2. Take enough of the money to pay team fee for 2018 and donate the rest to the AIMS youth program.
  3. Donate all the purse to the AIMS youth program.


Chuck Mooberry


Trap League Yardage Groups
First 25 - 16 yards --- Second 25 (based on team average)
Under 200 20 yds
200 - 204.9 21 yds
205 - 208.9 22 yds
209 - 212.9 23 yds
213 - 215.9 24 yds
216 - 218.9 25 yds
219 - 222.9 26 yds
223 & over 27 yds

If a team is short a shooter the handicap is based on the average of the team.

Example - If the team average is 200, divide by 5 to get shooters average (40). Take 90% of 40 = 36 handicap. Take the four scores the shooters shoot and add 36 to calculate the team scores.

It is up to the captain to make sure the handicap is correct.

Division Winners will be based on total birds broke at the end of 18 weeks.

2018 Trap League Scoreboard

Coming Soon

2017 Trap League Scoreboard


Division 1
Division 2
Division 3
Division 4

2016 Trap League Scoreboard


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2014 Winter Skeet League Scoreboard


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2013 Winter Skeet League