Congratulations to Club Members Who Placed at 3I Skeet Shoot


Nick Geibel  C-1, Senior Veteran Champion (SVCH)  91AA

Barry Hall  Veteran 3rd (VT-3)  91
Jack Dean  Military Veteran 3rd (MV-3)  95
Becky McCumber Lady Champion (Lady CH)  99
12 GA

Jack Dean AA-4, Senior CH(SrCH), MV Runner Up  100

Ed Dean A-2, SrRU  100
Barry Hall  B-1, VtCH  100
Greg Hufnagel  B-2, Sub Sub Senior RU  99
Becky McCumber  Lady CH  99
Nick Geibel  SVTCH 92
20 GA

Becky McCumber  AA-3, LadyCH 100

Dave McMillen  A-2, SRCH, MVRU  100
Barry Hall  B-1, VTCH 99
Ed Dean  SR-3 99
Nick Geibel SVCH 92
Jack Dean  MV-3 97
28 GA

Becky McCumber Lady CH 99 

Tom Wilson  C-2  94
Nick Geibel  SVCH  89
Bud Shipp  B-1, SRRU  100
Barry Hall  B-4, VTRU  98

Greg Hufnagel B-1, SURU  96

Barry Hall VT-3  93
Nick Geibel SVRU 76
Becky McCumber LadyCH 97
HOA (High Overall)

Jack Dean  MVRU  383x400

Becky McCumber LadyCH 395x400
Barry Hall B-1, VTRU  90x400
Ed Dean A-2, 389x400
Greg Hufnagel B-2  387x400
Nick Geibel SVCH 349x400
HAA (High All Around)

Becky McCumber AA-1 494x500

Barry Hall B-1 481x500
All Results
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WELCOME TO PEORIA SKEET AND TRAP CLUB one of the largest skeet and trap facilities in Illinois. A full slate of activities allows shooters ample opportunities to practice, compete or participate in fun and social events. The club is open 3 days a week (Thur, Sat, Sun) year-round providing over 150 practice days, 11 days of ATA registered trap shooting, March through September monthly NSSA registered skeet targets, spring/summer trap league, winter skeet league, a variety of fun and educational shoots. The Summer Youth Programs provide young shooters the opportunity to learn and sharpen their shooting skills.

Whether you are a new shooter or just haven't shot at PS&T for a while, we encourage you to give us a try. We'll do everything possible to make your shooting experience an enjoyable one.

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Thursday, Saturday, Sunday
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During inclement weather, please call the clubhouse (309-822-8146) before coming out to confirm business hours
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Trap League (weekly)
May 24
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(new shooters only) 6 pm
May 28
ATA Marathon Targets (program)
May 31
Youth Shooting Program
(all shooters) 6 pm
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